Thermostatically controlled ventilator for bee hives, draws air in from hive entrance, up through and out the top, and exhausts stale humid air out via the vents in ventilator. Weighs less then 10 lbs and takes less than 10 minutes to set up. Fits under top cover. (Remove and discard inner cover)

Instead of your bees using their energy to fan, they can be busy hauling in nectar, reducing the stress and increasing honey production and pollination. The exhausted air helps bees to orient to there correct hive.

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  • Honey Production up 30%-50% in Bee Hives.

  • Decrease Varroa mites!

  • Increase Pollination.

  • Stronger Colonies.

  • Small Hive Beetle Prevention.

  • Reduce Hive Stress.

  • Reduce Swarming.

  • Reduce Bearding.


  • Reduce Nosema.

  • Eliminate Melt Downs.

  • Eliminate Chalkbrood.

Need Proof?  Do your own investigation!! (just click on links below)

Bee Cool Ventilation Study!           University, Hive Ventilation Studies!

Varroa Mite populations diminish when hive is dried out.

Chalkbrood will flourish in humid conditions.

Nosema is treated by increasing the ventilation through the hive.

Small Hive Beetle prevention, maintain good ventilation in hive and honey house

Maximum upward ventilation is also required to evaporate excess moisture during nectar flows.

Why You Need a Bee Cool Ventilator.?

Frequently Asked Questions!

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Bee Cool Ventilators have a life span of at least 10 years.

For every 3 pounds of nectar, 2 pounds are water that the bees would normally remove with fanning. Not any more because Bee Cool does this for them. They will only cap as much honey as they can manage. Also with heat and humidity you attract all kinds of pathogens. Solution - remove it with a Bee Cool Ventilator!!

What are beekeepers saying about Bee Cool Ventilators?


If the hive is too warm, the queen will stop laying which translates into a weaker hive. How will they be able to fight off Varroa?

Beating their wings too ventilate the hive, during the nectar flow can cause tremendous stress, reducing their life span up to two weeks.

Honey Bee Hive Ventilator a Must:

BeeCool Ventilator was the pioneer or first company to mfg a honey bee ventilator and has a built-in thermostat that keeps the hive from a chill, that would decimate the hive. BeeCool was the First and only bee ventilator until recently some have sprung up that do not make use of a thermostat and fan to control the air flow. The first intention of the inventor (long time bee keeper) was to produce more honey, and was surprised at all the other benefits that outweigh even 30- 50% more honey.

The main focus now is the health of the hive. It has been found that since we have taken the honey bee out of the watered cooled tree, they have been suffering from many stress-related problems. Bearding, unnecessary Swarming, Chalkbrood, Nosema, Small Hive Beetle, Varroa mites and all of these problems thrive with heat and humidity (links of proof above). So if one of these problems or more occur, then the chances are good you will loose the hive or hives, and you would be out possibly thousands of dollars. That is why a bee vent is now a must. We as humans thrive if we have a comfortable environment; when we feel good when there is no disease or stress. The same can be said for the honey bee. In fact if it is above 90 degrees, don't you feel less exhausted and can get more done if you just have a little air conditioning. Remember it is always warmer on the inside of the hive. When you add excessive humidity to the heat it becomes unbearable. If you have a lot of stress in your life it has been proven that it is hard to fight off disease. The same can be said of the honey bee. If we just put ourselves in the shoes of the honey bee, we quickly begin to understand there dilemma. In just a bought every other area such as beef, milking cows, poultry they have realized they get much better results by making the animal comfortable.The bottom line is BeeCool Ventilators (built in thermostat and fan) is a must and should be part of your bee keeping supply.

 Note - Would like to welcome researchers, areas that need to be studied are the further effects that Bee Cool Ventilator has on mites and the hive beetle. Also to continue honey increase results. For more information email us at:  BeeCool Ventilators

Warning: Purchase a hive ventilator with a built in thermostat. It only takes one or two hours of cold weather to devastate your hive!

Some bee keepers are getting up to 50% more honey on top of stronger & healthier hives going in to the winter!!.

Bee Cool a solar powered ventilator is inserted under standard top cover. And the built in thermostat turns a fan on powered by Solar panel or AC then draws the air up through hive and out the top of ventilator through the built in vents. 


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