Bee Cool Ventilators since 1992  the first company to research and come up with a viable ventilator for both commercial and hobby beekeepers that has a built in thermostat.

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Bee Cool Ventilator should be at the top of the list when it comes to buying your bee supplies for the season.

Beekeepers should keep in mind when it comes to there bee supply that it is not just about increasing the honey production (Bee Cool Ventilator 30% - 50% more honey) but also the health of the hive, there is an inexhaustible amount of proof on the necessity of good adequate ventilation, and how it can control or completely remove any or all problems mentioned above.

For every 3 pounds of nectar 2 pounds is water and it adds all kinds of stress to the colony if it is left up to the honey bees to beat there wings weeks on end, it has been documented that they can loose up to 2 weeks of there life span under such stress.

The Bee Cool vent last beyond 10 years with most beekeepers getting there money back in the first year plus a stronger hive going into the winter. It takes less than 5 minutes to remove the top cover and install the ventilator on the top super, also recommended that you leave it on in the winter to remove CO2 and humidity that are very damaging to the colony.


More and more beekeepers are realizing all the advantages of using Thermostatically controlled ventilators.

UP To 50% More Honey. Healthier Hives. Reduce Swarming.

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