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  Bee-Cool-Hive-Ventilator Works Well

   By Juergen Jaenicke

     Beeline Editor (See Sept ’96 issue)



    This year we had a better season here on Long Island. Although the spring was wet and cold, the weather during our honey flow season was very cooperative and so were the bees.

    I put the “Bee Cool Hive Ventilator” on as soon as the temperature rose above 70 degrees (early in  June)

   While I had to raise the cover on my other hives to give the bees a little extra ventilation. The hive with the “Bee Cool Ventilator” needs no such extra attention.

   This year, the bees didn’t even mind the noise from the fan, which was only audible if you put your ear on the side wall of the hive, you could “feel” rather than hear the vibration.

   The inventor had sent me a new “improved” solar panel which I promptly installed. With the new, more efficient solar panel I was able to get all the power I needed and didn’t even have to move it to a sunnier location.

    I watched the bees go in and out and the hive with the “Bee Cool Hive Ventilator” had more bees going out to forage than the other hives, which need more workers to fan and keep the brood chambers cool.

    When I finally took out my honey at the end of July I definitely harvested more out of the “Bee Cooled Ventilated” hive than out of the others.

    Unfortunately, during a tornado the solar panel was hit by flying debris and cracked. Just think if I can get an improved honey yield with a cracked solar panel, how much more I would have gotten with a whole one.

    Anyway, as I pointed out in last year’s column, I am very much impressed with the ingenuity and simplicity of the design of this marvelous piece of equipment. I think, the inventor could take this even one step further by modifying it with some sort of container to hold menthol crystals and use the solar panel to melt the crystals and the fan to spread the menthol fumes throughout the hives. How about it Bee Cool Hive?




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