Bee Cool Solar Beehive Beekeeping Ventilator

Please Consider This:

So, you want to grow your honey business.
Or, maybe you're a vegetable grower who would pay for a proven, premium pollination service.

Just adding more hives is not the best solution. For honey-makers, you'll be waiting a long time for more honey, and every new colony is a big investment.
For pollinators, the wrong kind of weather could leave most of the bees out of the picture, bearded on the box.
What you really need is to get the bees into the field, working, where they are happy and productive.

-That leads you to our unique Bee Cool Ventilator

Why do you need our Solar Beehive Ventilator??

  1. If seed-set comes in high heat and humidity, Bee Cool is worth its weight in gold.
  2. Healthier colony: reduced mites, reduced infection, and reduced winter-kill.
  3. Bees work longer and harder - You really have to see it to believe it!
  4. A comfortable queen is an egg-laying Queen.
  5. Improved performance could be even better in your area.
  6. Woodware could last years longer.
  7. Bee Cool Modules are designed to last.
  8. Reduced swarming, clustering, fanning.
  9. New, Improved design - extended neck for pitched roof hives and stronger, simplified, all-way adjustment.
  10. 33% to 50% More honey.

How it Works
Bee Cool is a solar-powered ventilation module designed to be inserted between an existing standard beehive and its existing standard cover. The module houses the electrical components of the invention and acts as a plenum.

A thermostat exposed to the beehive interior air controls a fan when the air temperature inside the beehive exceeds a predetermined limit. The fan, with a capacity of 25 to 35 cfm., is controlled by the thermostat and powered by a photovoltaic solar panel either directly or by a battery recharged by the solar panel. (Bee Cool does not come with a battery, but can be modified to use one.) This fan-induced ventilation helps control temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels within the hive. A screen prevents bees from passing through the fan. Warm air is exhausted from the hive and vented to the ambient air through several vents in the side wall of the module, while cooler ambient air is drawn into the beehive through existing hive openings.

Exhausted warm air is directed toward the hive entrance. Pheromones of the particular beehive are thus plentiful, and therefore more easily detected by the bees of that hive. The solar panel is mounted on an adjustable arm so that it can be positioned for maximum light exposure. The panel can be mounted remotely from the ventilator module if necessary for maximum exposure. (i.e. when hive is shaded. Extra power line is supplied.)





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