Thermostatically controlled ventilator for bee hives, draws air in from hive entrance, up through and out the top, and exhausts stale humid air out via the vents in ventilator. Weighs less then 10 lbs and takes less than 10 minutes to set up. Fits under top cover. (Remove and discard inner cover)

Instead of your bees using their energy to fan, they can be busy hauling in nectar, reducing the stress and increasing honey production and pollination. The exhausted air helps bees to orient to there correct hive.

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I have 3 hives with (ventilators) and 3 with out. Temp up around 80 degrees, the hives with ventilators, bees were minimum on outside of hives & were busy collecting nectar. The hives without ventilators were covered with bees and no activity going in and out. I decided to run a little experiment and took one of the ventilator's and put it on one of the bearded hives and in 2 days that hive was active. So I ordered 3 more and now have 6 total for all my hives. And the best news is that i get between 1/3 and 1/2 more honey out of my hives. And my bee inspector said the ventilators were doing a good job moving the air. For 3 years now i have been using Bee Cool Ventilators. W. Thompson: Crestwood KY
To whom it may concern, I have been using the Bee Cool Ventilators for 2 years. I am an aggressive backyard beekeeper. In my first year using the Bee Cool Ventilator I extracted 198 pounds of honey from one Italian hive. I have since gone to two double queen hives, one Italian one Russian. I have come to believe in the ventilators, it makes a double queen colony so easy to manage. Direct release of queens becomes second nature because the ventilators move the sent to the point the bees never know what queen is hers and they accept what is given. Swarming is now a problem long gone, the hives are at around 100,000 in population and I have no problem with keeping up with queen cells there seem to be less than without the ventilator. The bees are gentle and scram to work harder then ever. I find that in 93 degree whether there is no bearding. I recommend the bee hive ventilators to anyone who wants their bees to be comfortable in the summer months (by the way, they over winter incredible also with the Bee Cool Ventilator in place). I am no scientist but in my backyard opinion the Bee Cool Ventilators do all they claim to. Thanks for the great product. Jeffrey R Forest, Bothell WA
I like the design of the ventilator, the way the solar panel is fastened in one handy unit, and yet detachable so it can be moved out into the sun if the hive is situated in a shady spot... I am enthused about your product..." Les Wienke, President Montana State Beekeepers Association
This is my third ventilator. Works well. Will buy more in future. Clyede, OH Ken Lynch
Used for about 1 year or longer. Having fewer problems with mites. Has increased Honey production by about 30%. Ohio Bee inspector commented that the hive with ventilator on is much stronger. Bees are working better compared to the other hives. Rodney Trent
From this very small sample test of one ventilator, a tentative conclusion follows that the device pays for itself over a three year period through greater honey production and hive is healthier and dryer during the season. This last feature may contribute to a reduction in hive winter losses. I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in the Bee Cool-Solar Powered Hive Ventilator Company, other than the use of their equipment which purchased. Wlater G. Arader Radnor PA. Researcher
I have used the Bee Cool Ventilator since 1999 with remarkable results. I managed fewer hives because my production is so much greater on a hive with the ventilator than one without. I am convinced I need less hives to produce the amount of honey I'm bringing in. Besides increasing honey production I have less mite problems, minimal swarming, and my bees with the ventilator over winter much better than a hive without a ventilator. As an example, last summer I started a new hive which yielded 17 gallons of honey in three months, as compared to the established hive next to it which struggled all season. Charles Billingsley Central Valley, UT
"I am not one to try every new product, claim or fad that comes along. I know others whose bees have suffered from such products. A few years ago I noticed the advertisement for "Bee Cool" and its claim of hive health and productivity. I gave in and bought one "Bee Cool Ventilator". The one hive seemed to do a little better so the next year I added another. In a controlled bee yard those two hives out produce any other hive, in every category. They have paid for themselves and I continue to add more each year until all my hives use "Bee Cool". Mark Thompson DunDee, OR
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Note - Would like to welcome researchers, areas that need to be studied are the effects that Bee Cool Ventilator has on mites and the hive beetle. Also to continue honey increase results and on the latest AC unit that runs 24/7. Contact us at

Some bee keepers are getting up to 50% more honey on top of stronger & healthier hives going in to the winter!!.

Bee Cool a solar powered ventilator is inserted under standard top cover. And the built in thermostat turns a fan on powered by Solar panel or AC then draws the air up through hive and out the top of ventilator through the built in vents. 


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