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Why Bee Cool Ventilators!!

Bee Cool Ventilator should be at the top of the list when it comes to buying your bee supplies for the season.

There is an inexhaustible amount of proof on the necessity of good ventilations for the health of the hive.

"The ventilator that last beyond 10 years with most beekeepers getting there investment back in the first year. It takes less than 5 minutes to remove the top cover and install the ventilator on the top super, also recommended that you leave it on in the winter to remove CO2 and humidity that are very damaging to the colony."

Honeyflow Farm -

At our farm in Michigan we produce hand-crafted beeswax candles.

Beekeeping Starspecifically designed with the beginning beekeeper in mind.

Some bee keepers    are getting up to 50% more honey on top of stronger & healthier hives going in to the winter!!


How it Works!

Bee Cool a solar powered ventilator is inserted under standard top cover. And the built in thermostat turns a fan on powered by Solar panel or AC then draws the air up through hive and out the top of ventilator through the built in vents. 


Supersede Queen Fight

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What effect could Bee Cool Ventilator have on the soft bodied Varroa?